About Us

Empanada Pockets is a family-owned business with a reputation for quality food and fine flavors. Our perfectly made pastry pockets contain all the aromas and flavors that will leave a lasting effect on you- a unique taste that you will remember forever. We are proud that our food-quality is very top-notch and consistent in terms of taste, thus providing an amicable service. With a team of passionate chefs, Empanada Pockets continues to experiment with different flavors in order to reach a new pinnacle of culinary quality.

We deliver at your doorstep

No need to worry about getting out to get your food. Empanada now serve ready-to-made food full of flavors and nutrition.


Our Values

Integrity & Respect

We manage ourselves according to the highest moral guidelines. Our team members, suppliers, and customers' diversity are highly respected.

Customer Service

It's a priority to develop friendly relationships with our customers. We encourage a supportive, helpful, and welcoming atmosphere that guarantees our customers' best customer service.


We constantly discuss new concepts and incorporate them into our methodologies. With a constant enhancement mentality, we constantly seek new concepts.


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